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The traditional campaign playbook no longer exists

Google search results are where to win in 2022. With less in-person opportunities, you need to engage supporters and donors virtually.

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Hyper-Target Key Electoral Districts

Optimize campaign websites, donation forms, and other campaign-critical assets for local constituents

Monitor Candidates, Issues & Opposition

Automatically monitor and analyze search results to identify threats and opportunities to engage voters

Engage Searchers & Improve Reputations

Generate custom action plans to improve page one results or combat misinformation with reputation management tactics

A.I. Monitoring

SEO Analysis

SEM Data

Reputation Management

"Lightbox Search has proved invaluable in helping me optimize the Google search results for my clients. As campaigns go more digital, down-ballot races need to press every advantage they can get. Lightbox lets us stay ahead of the competition on Google search, giving us an important edge during election season."


Lee Neves

Owner and Principal, CrossCurrents LLC, an Award-winning Political Consulting, Public Affairs, and Governmental Relations Firm.

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Take control of search results to engage your supporters, volunteers, and donors.

Lightbox Search combines and simplifies critical elements of media monitoring, SEO, and SEM platforms to help you plan and deploy effective digital campaigns that win elections.

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